Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jam Packed Texas Trip

I've only been to Texas once before and that was a quick trip through the panhandle to see Chris' home town of Pampa and to eat a steak at The Big Texan. We went again last week for his sister Lianne's wedding and boy was it a jam packed 5 days!!

We left Wednesday afternoon and i thought i had planned so good because i got us a non-stop from Salt Lake to Dallas. It seems fate takes great pleasure in ruining my plans. We ended up having to land in Ft. Worth because the Dallas airport was closed "due to weather" and we had been circling so long we were out of gas :( We waited 2 hours at this other airport for clearance and then flew 10 more minues to Dallas. I felt so bad because Chris' sister Jill was waiting for us that whole time.

We christened our trip with dinner at a steak house and got to spend a lot of time chatting with the fam and getting caught up on life.

We had a lot of wedding related activities to attend and it was pretty fun to get to know Lianne's in-law's at her bridal shower. We played wedding "memory" and a bridal shower bingo. Which by the way you can download cards for this game at and they're free!

We also had a great groom's dinner at a yummy place called Brio. Their food is a little more italian than the Olive Garden and the portions were HUGE. The best was the dessert though. The creme brulee was soooooo yummy and came in a cute little espresso cup. After that it was time for the bachelorette party. We kept it pretty tame and went to a chick flick.

Lianne got married on Saturday the 6th at the Dallas Temple which was pretty and kind of gothic cathedral looking. It also has huge spires that make it very hard to photograph, so this was the best I could do.

Lianne and her hubby Derek are so cute and i am so happy we could go and be there for thier big day! Now everyone in Chris' family is married until it's time for the grandkids. So I guess we've got about 20 years to relax :)

And here's the happy couple. Congrats to Derek and Lianne Clements!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl

This has not been posted with Chris' consent and I don't want my schoolgirl silliness to reflect poorly on him but eeeek, this is so awesome. I can't wait for November to get here!!!!!