Monday, March 14, 2011

Stuff has happened

A lot has been happening and i have photographic evidence and I will show it to you eventually :)

In February:

It was my birthday - the big 28
It was Valentines day - ahhh love day
I hired new VISTA members for my site
It snowed, a lot - booo!!!
Went to a USU b-ball game with the 'rents & saw the backboards break

In March so far:

I made a super fancy cake - gum paste flowers & butterflies
I went to a baby blessing - yay Emily Brooks
Bought seeds & planted seedlings for my garden - the broccoli sprouted!
My friends moved away :(
We temporarily inherited their 50 million games
Spent a girls weekend with my mommy - IKEA!

I'll post the details soon - i hope :)