Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good News!!

Maybe no one cares about this as much as me, but i am super excited that Project Runway switched from Bravo to Lifetime because now i can watch it online - YES!!!!

I'm a HUGE fan of reality TV, but i prefer shows where you have to be able to do something besides fight with your roommates, get drunk, and hook up with people in the communal hot tub. Shows like Project Runway showcase people with talent and they have to perform at a professional level every week. Occasionally there's a little castmate drama, but mostly it's about the clothes. And as a seamstress myself, i can identify with all the sewing and the gratification of seeing people enjoy the things you make.

Anyhoo, the season premire is posted and it's a great one. If you love fashion and sewing as much as me, check it out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CRAZY August

Oh my goodness, things have been super busy this month, which is weird. Considering i was out of work at the end of July, i thought i would have all the free time in the world to do whatever i felt like.

What actually happened was I got my old job back at Global Accessories, except they have been purchased by another company called Covercraft, so technically i work for Covercraft now:) This has been pretty good because it's full time, although i'm not sure how long it'll last because Covercraft is eventually moving customer service to their headquarters. So I'm still on the job hunt while I'm working so i can have all my bases covered.

Also i had a booth at the Cache County Fair with my group Made For Cache.We got some pretty good traffic and everyone sold something . . . except me :( I'm hoping the Box Elder County Fair coming up next weekend will go lots better.

Last weekend we had a mini vacation at my Mom's house in Layton. We puppy-sat her dog while my parents went to Lake Powell with my Uncle Mark and Aunt Marianne. Chris and I had a great time - we went to movies, ate at Red Lobster and got to enjoy the Air Conditioning and Cable TV, which we don't have.

So, only 2 weeks left and I'm kind of looking forward to August being over.