Thursday, November 27, 2008

I know I'm ready to be a mom because . . .

No, this is not an announcement, just a reflection on the last couple of days.

I've been in Kansas observing Thanksgiving with Chris' family. It's been great speding time with everyone since we only get to see them once or twice a year. A few events have passed and i've been impressed with my ability to cope with them.

I've helped take care of baby Elliette and whenever i feed her, she always falls asleep. I like that. She also smiles at me and giggles, it's so sweet to see. I used to think crying babies were annoying, but i've learned that there's only so much you can do to comfort them, but they just might need to cry it out.

The biggest thing though was a super fun episode with my nephew Elijah. His parents left to go to town to get something and I was keeping an eye on him. Next thing i know he comes out of the bathroon stark naked and says, i pooped. I thought he was looking for a "good job" but when i went in the bathroom there was poop all over the wall.

You see Eli is a little person, as in a dwarf, and it's hard for him to reach the potty. I think he got up on his stool to reach the potty, tripped and ended up pooping on the wall.

Well i switched into action mode, plunked him in the bath and attacked the poopy wall with paper towels and cleaner. I only gagged a little bit, so i'm calling it a success.

Maybe i'm not totally ready to be a mom, but i think i'm a little bit better prepared for it. I mean i still love the kid, so that's a good sign-right?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friend Filled Weekend

It's always nice to see people you haven't seen in a while. Our friends Adam and Robin and their son Corban were visiting Utah from Pampa, TX this weekend. We were able to meet up with them as well as Justin, Melissa and Elliette for some dinner at Bajio then we hung out at our house and got caught up on the last couple of months.

Elliette, Justin, Melissa, Chris, Blaire, Adam, Robin & Corban

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know we can

Generally I am not a super political person, but reflecting on the recent election and how the candidates have really polarized US citizens, I was inspired by President Elect- Barak Obama's speech last night. The excerpt from his speech below shows how the great USA has come though troubles and triumphs alike and although we may be facing hard times now, we as a nation and a people will prevail.

"This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing -- Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons -- because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin.

And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in America -- the heartache and the hope; the struggle and the progress; the times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes we can.

At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes we can.

When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs and a new sense of common purpose. Yes we can.

When the bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened the world, she was there to witness a generation rise to greatness and a democracy was saved. Yes we can.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that "We Shall Overcome." Yes we can.

A man touched down on the moon, a wall came down in Berlin, a world was connected by our own science and imagination. And this year, in this election, she touched her finger to a screen, and cast her vote, because after 106 years in America, through the best of times and the darkest of hours, she knows how America can change. Yes we can.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves -- if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment. This is our time -- to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth -- that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people:

Yes We Can. Thank you, God bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America."

I am an optimist in every way and I hope that the country can come together in this difficult time and that our new president can make the adjustments needed to help our country, it's government and it's citizens. I pray that the Lord's inspiration with be with him and Congress as they make choices that will lead us in a new and better direction. For me Obama's message of hope, no matter how naive it may seem, brings me some comfort for the future because sometimes all we can do is hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is Halloween

For Halloween we stayed home and carved this lovely two-faced pumpkin. I did the right side and Chris did the left side. We each took turns and then covered our work up with newspaper so that neither of us saw the finished product until the end.

We also toasted the pumkin seeds and they were yummy! I think it might have been the first time pumpkin seeds turned out tasty. I think I've either burned or undercooked them every time previously.

And here we are with our finished work of art! Hooray for Halloween - BOO!!