Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Totally Awesome!

A guy in London wanted to cheer people up in the face of the current economic crisis so he made happy face balloons out of soap, helium and vegetable dye. Basically these are giant soap bubble clouds that will pop and biodegrade when their cheering up is done. To read the full article click here.

I think this is the coolest idea and it was very thoughtful of the artist to try and make his fellow Londoners a little happier. It would be nice if everyone could do a little something to cheer up their friends and neighbors during these hard times in the world.

Have a great day, you're fantastic! ( That's me trying to cheer you up)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Confused

So it's been 4 weeks since i blogged about trying to shed a few pounds. I've been keeping track of my exercise and what I've been eating and I'm not quite sure what happened.

I started out at 183, then after a couple days i went up to 186, then a couple days after that i was up to 187. I stayed at 187 for probably two weeks and then last Saturday I went back down to 185 and I've been holding steady there. I know you're weight is supposed to fluctuate due to a variety of factors, but the bottom line is i gained weight over the last month

I'll admit that i pigged out the week of Valentines and my Birthday. I'll also admit that the 5 days of exercise per week still hasn't quite materialized, but i am consistently getting 3 days a week in. So i guess I'll just keep plugging along with the DDR and my exercise DVDs. If you have any suggestions besides eat less, exercise more - I'd love to hear them.

We'll see what happens in another 4 weeks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Love Day!

I was surfing the web today and i found this article about celebrity couples who have stayed together for a really long time. Some of the couples were surprising and it just goes to show that if people are really committed to each other then they will be able to stick by each other through all sorts of circumstances. I think more people would stick together if they could learn to be supportive of their spouses through the successes and the failures and learn to strike a balance in their relationships.

Yay for love and commitment!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Funny story. So last night Chris and I went to bed a little early - 10:30. I guess we were so exhausted from the birthday extravaganza. BTW, my super secret present was Dance Dance Revolution, the ultimate in tricking yourself into exercising because it's so much fun! I am totally going to play tonight, even if my downstairs neighbors complain about it sounding like elephants jumping around.

Anyway we went to bed and were sleeping soundly when i was awakened by the flashing time on the alarm clock. Power outage. So i got up and checked the time on my cell phone, re-set the time and the alarm and went back to sleep. Time goes by and the alarm goes off. Chris is late for work, so he gets ready first. Chris leaves and while I'm getting dressed i get a call from Chris. He tells me to look at the clock in the living room which runs on batteries. Guess what, it's only 5:30 am! The power must have gone out again after i fixed the clock the first time.

Chris decided to just stay at work , but i went back to bed for an hour. I hate it when the power goes out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday tooooooo meeeeee!

Today is when we celebrate a momentous day in human history - the day when I, Blaire, came forth into the world.

Ok, so maybe it's not quite that important, but I am celebrating the big 2-6. I can't believe it, i never really imagined what my life would be like in between 21 and 30. I always figured the years would be filled with marriage and kids, so i guess i'm partway there :)

Friday we got my mom and dad moved into their new condo in Layton and then we went back on Sunday for my family b-day get together. A nacho party and cake - it was awesome!! My family is really funny when we're all together so i got a special gift of laughing so hard i cried, i love that!

Tonight Chris and I are going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Kamin, which is a Thai place. Then i'll finally get to open my super secret present from Chris. I have no idea what it could be, so i'm pretty excited to find out.

In other awesome news, Chris and I are moving to a new apartment in 3 weeks. It's a two bedroom and when we went to look at it we found out the landlord is the bishop from the singles ward where Chris and I first met - talk about a small world. And the best part about this new apartment is . . . WASHER & DRYER HOOKUPS!!!!! I can't even fully express my complete happiness and bliss at the thought of no longer having to go to the laundromat :) It seemed like every time i went to wash the clothes I was getting chatted up by weirdos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't judge a DVD by it's cover

Well the first week of my get healthy campaigns went ok i guess. I only exercised twice last week, but i did pretty good at the eating part. So far this week is going much better. I know it's only tuesday, but there aren't any evening activities to distract me this week from my exercise.

There's just one thing i have a beef with, deceptive cover art. When you buy a work out DVD, there's a smiling lady on the cover doing a simple exercise move in a super cute spandex outfit and you think to yourself, hmmm she looks pretty nice i bet this work out is going to be so much fun. WRONG!

You have been tricked! This lady is your taskmaster in the equivalent of your own personal work out hell. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but the nice smiling picture on the cover is definitely a ploy to lull you into a sense of security. I've only done 3 of the 4 DVD's I've purchased, but here's the lowdown so far.

Lift Weights to Loose Weight has a picture of the blonde Kathy Smith, a nice looking woman who appears to be in her early 40's. Well, I'm 26(almost) and she totally kicked my butt. After 40 minutes with her i could barely lift my water glass. Boost Your Metabolism features a perky brunette and she's very encouraging until she's got you running around and jumping and lunging until your legs shake. Finally, 10 Minute Pilates seems like it would be relaxing and spiritual on some level, oops wrong again. After falling down a lot, I guess i'll need more balance to make this work.

Who knows, maybe in two or three months i will recant all these ravings and sing the praises of these "mean ladies." Tough love may be exactly what i need. If not, would anyone like to purchase a slightly used work out DVD?