Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our itty bitty tree

We actually got our Christmas tree a while ago, but things have been really busy with my etsy shop and stuff, that i haven't gotten around to putting up a picture yet.

Here it is, it may be small, but i think it's beautiful :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving trip . . . the saga continues

Well, i have some free time at work today, so i thought I'd finish my Thanksgiving trip highlights. I'll put some pictures in later on when i get home.

On thanksgiving day things were overall pretty chill. We had all chipped in to prepare a lot of the food the night before, so all that was left was Mr. Turkey. I helped Chris get it ready and we put it in the roaster. That thing was inherited from Chris' great grandma or something, and was on the fritz a little, but after fixing the breaker and stuff the roaster worked long enough to get the turkey to the proper temperature.

The table was really pretty and Chris' mom collects salt cellars and little salt spoons so everyone got their own at each setting. I think some day I'll want to do that too- It looks super fancy. The food was all over the place, which was good because there were 11 family members and 2 sister missionaries to feed. The food was yummy and the leftovers fit into a few tupperware containers.

Friday we went back to Warren Old Town - TWICE. In the afternoon to see Transporter 3 (action packed if overall totally unrealistic) and that evening to see Madagascar 2 (funny, as good as the original). We PIGGED out at the movies, but it was our last supper i suppose :)

Saturday we got ready to head home and things started out ok. We made it to denver just fine. Sunday was another issue though. We his two Interstate closures, one in Ft. Collins, CO and the other in Cheyenne, WY. The road opened at Cheyenne, but the wind was blowing snow everywhere, so it took us 90 minutes to go 30 miles.

We made it home about 9 pm and i was pretty grateful to be back. Nothing feels as good as sleeping in your own bed. It was a great Thanksgiving and I can't wait for next year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


As with anyone, I am not free of all prejudice. In fact I have one that I hold dear and use in a theraputic sense. Idaho is my scapegoat. This is something I enjoy, not because I have something to heap all my woes upon, but life seems to have made a game out of my dislike by providing me with weight to support my position. Mostly I refer to drivers with Idaho license plates. Often while I am out and about I will witness, and participate in, the stupidity of inept drivers, and more often than not these drivers have Idaho plates.

When I started uttering the phrase that is the title of this rant in place of normal cussing Blaire thought I was paranoid and prejudiced. Now after being married for two years she has had enough practical experience with me to admit that I am a magnet for stupid people everywhere, and unfortunately I live close to the Idaho border.

Take my most recent, and by far my most memorable, experience so far. Driving home from Kansas we had decided in advance to stay the night in Denver. I happen to be driving when we arrived in Denver, and we arrived at rush hour. Remember, this was Denver, CO, and we were driving from Kansas to Utah.

Well, like I said, it was rush hour and the freeway was getting clogged, but still moving at a brisk pace. I was feeling good about this big city experience till up ahead I noticed a beat up truck, not in the right lane, but in the middle lane right in front of me, and I was approaching at an alarming rate. To a driver this means that the vehicle you're approaching is going slower than you. This truck was going WAY slower, at least 15mph below the speed limit. Well, with it being rush hour I couldn't swerve around it but had to brake and wait for an opening to appear. At this point my driver's rage was minimal as this had been a good trip so far, and even though the liklihood of a rear-end hit was increasing, I was handling this well enough. Then I noticed this truck had Idaho plates. There, in Colorado, while I was driving from Kansas, this inept driver from Idaho, managed to find me. What were the chances!

Have you ever had the experience of blowing all your neural synapses at once? I doubt anyone can say yes to this honestly since remembering such a thing would be difficult, but I think it happened to me. As the improbability, and yet the reality, of the situation I was facing began to sink in, the mantra of idaho...idaho...Idaho! started coming out of my mouth. Really I don't remember the next few moments. When reason began again to reassert itself I found myself having to apologize for waking the baby in the back (apparently Elliette doesn't sleep well to 'IDAHO!...IDAHO!'), and for a bit of raceway driving. I guess I was desperate to make my way as far as possible, as quickly as possible, from that nexus of unfortunate impossibility.

Catching up . . . a little

Oh my goodness! Things have been more riculously busy than I ever could have imagined. Since I've been home, I've gotten a ton of orders from my Etsy shop and have been stuggling to keep up.

I'll start back in November and hopefully chronology will help me keep my place. No i haven't lost my mind yet, but you never know when it might happen :)

We left for Thanksgiving on Nov 22 and drove the first leg to Denver with Justin, Melissa and Elliette. Things went pretty smooth. Elliette is the bestest travel baby in the whole world. She slept a lot of the way and smiled a lot when she was awake.

Once we got to Denver we checked into our hotel and went to Casa Bonita which is a lot like the Mayan in SLC with the cheap-o Mexican food and cliff diving, but Casa Bonita is a lot cooler. They have a live mariachi band and if you start walking around, there are tons of levels and areas to see- you can get lost in there, it's pretty cool.

The next morning we finished our drive without weather or other incident and arrived happy but tired in loveley Haysville, KS. At this point only Chris' sister Jill and her family had arrived, so we weren't too squished yet.

Monday the 24th was Chris' 3* birthday(the age has been omitted to protect the young at heart:) We went to the zoo in Salina which was really fun despite the wind. We got to feed the animals, who by the way were very agressive to get those little pellets. (Yes that's me in the coat under all the hair)We also got to see the Elephants up close and hear lots of cool things about them from the keepers. Elijah kept his hands over his ears the whole time because he thought the elephants were going to trumpet- they never did though.

That evening we went to Warren Old Town Theatre in Wichita to see Chris' birthday movie choice- Quantum of Solace (James Bond). I think i've told just about everyone i've ever met about the awesomeness that is Warren Old Town. At this theatre you get a MENU when you go in and once you've picked what you want to eat, they BRING it to you once the movie starts. HELLO- isn' t that the most awesome thing you've heard(read) today!! The aisles there are super wide and the seats are more like recliners. The food is great too, i especially like their Thai Spicy Wings and the Chicken Nachos. Yummy!!

Tuesday night the main events were the arrival of Chris' sisters Britany and Lianne. We also cooked Chris' special recipe for ribs and he taught Jill how to make them too. We cooked 6 racks of beef ribs and just about finished them off, but i guess with 13 people in the house, that's not too hard to do :)

Wednesday it was back to Warren Old Town for TWILIGHT!!! I won't dissolve into girly screams and so forth right now, but sufficeth to say i REALLY liked the movie. Was it better than the book - no. Was it as good as the book - no. Was it still totally awesome - Heck YES!

Thursday was turkey day, but I'll have to finish this post in another installment. Tune in next time for the conclusion of our show. Hopefully the brain will still be intact :)