Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday - Baby!

Today is the day, when forever in history we can be grateful for the birth of one man. A man who has been influential in the lives of tens maybe even a hundred people. Yes, that great man, Christopher Nelson.

It's you day and I just wanted to tell you and the whole world - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And as the first of many gifts to be showered upon you today, I would like to start with the Top Ten Things That Make Chris Totally Awesome:

10. He brings me breakfast and picks up my pre-ordered book so i can read in bed.
9. He doesn't get mad when i avoid doing the dishes for a couple days.
8. He tries to help me when he knows i need help, but refuse to say i need help.
7. He does funny voices.
6. He laughs at my jokes.
5. He makes really awesome beef ribs.
4. He's a kid at heart.
3. He likes my family :)
2. He's a very manly man.
1. He likes to try new things, including my crazy recipes :)

So if you see him today, tell him Happy Birthday and why you think he's awesome!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're a Modern Stone-Age Family

This year I really wanted to dress up because Chris and I have never really gone all out for Halloween since we've been married. I thought it would be fun to go as Wilma and Fred Flintstone and it turns out it was a great idea because the costumes were easy to make and they turned out great!

We invited the neighbors and a few friends to drop by for a open house type party. We had lots of good treats like "Hair Balls" that were chocolate truffles, "witch fingers" that were almond cookies complete with sliced almond fingernail, as well as "blood" punch with dry ice and pop corn balls! I just love how my table turned out. It was spooktacular - Ha ha, oh i'm the only one laughing :)

My brother Derek was a Tuskan Raider from Star Wars. His costume took a month and a half to make, but it was totally amazing!!! He almost won a costume contest, so that makes me wonder what the winner was dressed up as :) Derek's girlfriend Jen came as a dead hunter.

My friends Crystal and Craig brought their kids by. Here we have a super cute Indiana Jones, Woody and Harry Potter.

Here me and my friends Hilary and AJ are playing the Halloween
classic - Eat the Doughnut off the String - game. Hilary was a witch, hence the green face, and her husband was dressed as a character from the movie "The Hangover". Hilary totally beat me and AJ, but all together it was pretty funny :)

So thanks everyone for coming and we'll invite you over for our next party, in about 3 more years :)