Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Day After Halloween

This year was the first year we actually had trick-or-treaters. It was AWESOME!!!! There were some great costumes and super cute toddlers :)

Here's our jack-o-lantern, a cooperative effort for sure :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We bought a house!

I have been super bad at updating for the longest while, i know, I am a horrible person.

But we bought a townhouse in Smithfield in September, so that has been pretty exciting!

We're still in the process of putting everything away, but once I have a room complete, I will definitely post some super sweet pics :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

So I am still alive

Ok, boot camp day one went alright. I ran the mile - mostly sort of. I cheated and skipped part of the course. I was the last one and I knew everyone would be waiting for me, so i turned around a headed back a little before the mid point where I was supposed to. I know, I am a dirty cheater who is only cheating herself, yeah yeah.

The rest of the jumping, lifting, crunching, etc didn't go so bad. I totally had spaghetti legs by the end and my hear was beating like crazy. I'm a little afraid of the pain i may feel tomorrow.

I'm also starting to keep a food journal. WOW! No wonder i've packed on the weight. New goal: eat at least 3 fruits and 3 veggies every day. That ought to keep me full and away from my chocolate easter bunny - i hope.

Here's my starting stats:
Weight: 184
# of sit ups/min: 16
# of pull ups: 7 - using the wall for leverage
# of push ups: 8 - the girly kind with bent knees

Here's hoping i see some improvement in a few weeks!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am scared

Last week I got an email alert for a local deals service that lets you know about promotions run by local businesses. Usually I'm not really that interested in what's being promoted, but this time they caught my attention.

I am going to boot camp.

Yes, exercise boot camp and let the record show, I am afraid, very afraid.

In six weeks I'm hoping to go from zero to hero, but the more i look into the type of stuff we'll be doing, the more nervous I get. You see, I'm not really a runner. Imagine if you will an goose with a broken foot trying to run away from a predator. Do you see it, that kind of desperate waddling skip-hop run? Now put my face on the goose's body and that's what it looks like when I'm running.

Also, having been blessed with Houdini level "trick" knees, I'm worried about hurting myself as well. I'm planning on being VERY challenged through out this class, but dang it, I want to LIVE through it too.

Here's hoping I make it. Pray for me.