Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am scared

Last week I got an email alert for a local deals service that lets you know about promotions run by local businesses. Usually I'm not really that interested in what's being promoted, but this time they caught my attention.

I am going to boot camp.

Yes, exercise boot camp and let the record show, I am afraid, very afraid.

In six weeks I'm hoping to go from zero to hero, but the more i look into the type of stuff we'll be doing, the more nervous I get. You see, I'm not really a runner. Imagine if you will an goose with a broken foot trying to run away from a predator. Do you see it, that kind of desperate waddling skip-hop run? Now put my face on the goose's body and that's what it looks like when I'm running.

Also, having been blessed with Houdini level "trick" knees, I'm worried about hurting myself as well. I'm planning on being VERY challenged through out this class, but dang it, I want to LIVE through it too.

Here's hoping I make it. Pray for me.


Derek said...

god speed bla.. god speed

Cheryl said...

Oh Blaire... you can do it! My weakness is coordination -- as you know. But I hired a personal trainer last summer and he had a lot of patience with my handicap :)

FYI, I dislocated my knee three times last summer -- the first time while shooting. Not fun.

Missy W. said...

Blaire, which boot camp are you going to? I did 2 last year and they were lots of fun. I didn't lose a single pound though :(

Blaire said...

missy, you're so trim and fit I doubt there was any weight for you to loose!

I'm doing body rebellion boot camp in Nibley. So far fun hasn't entered the equasion