Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

So usually i think of Memorial Day as the first BBQ day of the season. I consider myself a fairly patriotic and family oriented person, but I don't really spend a lot of time contemplating Memorial Day or what it means.

Anyway, today my dad came up to Logan as he always does for this holiday and I decided that i would go too. First we went to the Logan Cemetary to "see" Grandpa Saunders (my dad's dad) and Uncle Randy (who was killed in Vietnam at age 21). While we were there, we saw a few of my dad's Aunts and cousins and they caught up a little. My dad said in his day, Memorial Day was like a family reunion and everybody got together at the cemetary- kind of like a party, sort of. We also saw my cousins Brady and Matthew while we were in the neighborhood.

Next we went to Providence Cemetary to visit my Great Grandpa and Grandma Olsen. I don't remember them at all, they died when I was little, but they were born around the turn of the century. Cemetaries make me wonder about all the things these people must have seen - the history, the advances in science and medicine, what their families were like.

As we were leaving my dad said it was too bad that more people don't remember what Memorial Day is about. It's an impportant tradition, he said because you can't know what will be if you don't know what has been. Or in other words, you can't know who you are without knowing who you came from. I agree.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I found one!

Well my prayers have been answered, i hope. I recently got a job working as a server in a new restaurant here in Logan. The place is called Elements and it's being advertised as a fine dining place, so hopefully the tips will be good.

It's not my first choice of work, but they were the only ones who called me back for an interview, which is pretty sad. So instead of holding out for something else, i went for it. I hope i'm not sorry later :) One really good thing about working in a restaurant is it's very slimming. All that walking back and forth to the kitchen and lifitng heavy trays makes for a good work out. Hopefully I'll drop another couple of pounds in the process. YAY!

So if you're in town in the next couple of weeks ( it opens in June) stop by for some great food and you can leave me a big tip :)