Monday, December 20, 2010

This is why you shouldn't pick on old ladies

Hutchinson police say a 71-year-old woman knocked a man who attacked her unconscious with her frying pan.

Police Sgt. John Moore said 25-year-old Kevin Funderburk talked his way into the woman's home on Saturday, claiming he was homeless and had nowhere to go.

Moore said that when he tried to attack the woman, she fought back and "beat him down with a frying pan."

"When we arrived, he was unconscious and lying in his own vomit in the back of the house," Moore told The Hutchinson News. "He was in the hospital in Wichita over the weekend and they stapled his scalp."

The Hutchinson News reported that the woman was injured, but Moore did not release how serious her injuries were.Funderburk was jailed on $55,200 bond on suspicion of attempted rape, aggravated battery, criminal restraint and criminal damage to property. He was wearing a neck brace when he made his first appearance Tuesday in court.

Here's the damage she did to this guy:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Hooray, this was my first year with a Christmas tree over 4 ft tall :) We got this beauty from one of those guys that goes into the mountains and cuts down trees and sells them from his RV. Whoah that sounded totally shady - but it wasn't!

We also had to tie it to my houseplants in the window sill because the trunk was so small it kept tilting out of the stand. So my tree is a little wonkey, but i still love it :)